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Landscaping Services

When you care about your children, your pets, yourself, and want safe, organic lawn care, Greenbush is your area BeeSafe applicator.

Residential Services

Our organic lawn care program will give your lawn everything it needs to address its immediate needs, tackle weeds, build the soil profile and the lawn’s immune system, so your lawn will be more disease and insect resistant than ever. This program consists of 6 sessions. We biologically enhance the soil as well as feed the lawn throughout the spring, summer and fall season.

Lawn care

Tree & Shrub Deep Root Feeding

Arbor Jet Injections

Horticultural Pruning

Mole Control

Perimeter Pest Control

Mosquito Control

Multi-unit Home Owner Associations


School Campuses

Athletic Fields

Corporate Campuses

Commercial Services

Sustainability is a major part of today’s industry and frequently the chemicals used on and around commercial landscapes are overlooked. The professional staff of Greenbush can sort everything out for you and make the transition to organic seamless.

Why Go Organic?

An Organic Lawn is Greener

In more ways than one! Not only will your lawn stay a nice dark green during times of stress you can also rest assured that by using natural and organic products you are doing the right thing for the environment.

Slow Growing, Less Mowing

An organic lawn grows more slowly and regularly than a lawn that is fertilized chemically. You will notice that the roller coaster of growth you experience with chemical fertilizer applications becomes a thing of the past.

Expert Results and Far Fewer Imperfections with high disease resistance.

An Organic Lawn Saves Water

When the soil from which your lawn grows is healthy and rich with organic matter it acts like a sponge when it comes to water. You will find that your organic lawn requires far less water than a chemical lawn.

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Love the outside of your home again.

You don't have to make the choice between an ugly lawn or a toxic one. All it takes is one call to take the first step to planning your new, organic outdoor life.